Lisa Marie Presley is a determined woman. Fighting off a hoarse throat, Presley did not disappoint her devoted fans, comped gamblers and the curious who turned out in Atlantic City, New Jersey for her appearance at the Trump Marina on Saturday, May 15, 2005.

     Presley delivered a mixed selection of original compositions from her two albums. Supporting her on tour were keyboardist Linda Goode, backing vocalist Paul Gordon, drummer Drew Hester, bassist Danny Keough, lead guitarist Nick Lashley, and guitarist Michael Lockwood.

     With ambient muzak and blue lights bathing the stage to set the mood for Presley's thematic entrance, Keough's rumbling bass lines established the fast-paced thrust of "I'll Figure It Out". Presley was sounding strong and looking good even though she revealed she had seen a doctor for laryngitis.

     Singing in a deeper register, Presley and company cranked up the excitement with "Turbulence" off her new album. The driving drums and intense guitars enveloped the audience. Presley dedicated the power-ballad "Raven" to her mom; a stellar performance.

     The audience was motivated to crowd the aisles in front of the stage when the band launched into "Lights Out" from To Whom It May Concern. The band showcased its ability to rock the venue, empowered by their guitar assault. Responding to the roars of the crowd, she remarked, "You guys are great, thank you so much".

     The center section was up and standing during her rendition of Don Henley's "Dirty Laundry". Her gritty vocals were enhanced by the hard-edged version her band adopted on this 1982 AOR hit. "We have one more song", was Presley's introduction for "Idiot". By the end of this energetic romp, Presley was hopping about on stage with abandon.

     Returning for her singular encore, Presley had the entire Grand Cayman Ballroom audience up on their feet with a cover of "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" complete with video clips of The Ramones. Gordon played acoustic guitar while Lashley ripped on a fierce lead guitar solo.

     Having driven all the way in from Rochester, New York, with two friends, Kim Batz saw Presley on stage for the first time. "She rocks. I love her. I've been dying to see her", were her enthusiastic words of endorsement. After enjoying both of Presley's albums, Batz made the trek to attend this concert.

Atlantic City setlist: I'll Figure It Out * SOB * Turbulence * Indifferent * Raven * Thankx (six female fans Kareoke style) * Lights Out * Sinking In * Dirty Laundry * Idiot * Encore: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

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The show must go on
Lisa Marie Presley keeps her date with Atlantic City

by Timothy Tilghman