The only band to survive encyclical waves of trends and fashion, the Rolling Stones, made quite a racket on a sunny afternoon in Manhattan on Tuesday, May 10, 2005. Hosting their On Stage Tour Press Conference at the Juilliard School of Music at the Lincoln Center, the group delivered more than just another tour announcement.

     Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, and Ron Wood collectively appeared as the Rolling Stones positioned behind a curtain, elevated above a media invitation-only seated audience and a sea of diehard fans beyond the barricades. Only bassist-for-hire Darryl Jones joined the British Invasion veterans to compliment their raw garage-sounding performance.

     Media were mobbing the Rogers & Cowan checkpoint area located on the Milstein Plaza. The public event was staged so that hardcore Stones fans would be able to share a glimpse of their British heroes jamming live in an impromptu nature. Bill German and Bjornulf Vik were two of the more recognizable Media guests present at the afternoon affair.

     The Rolling Stones, perched on a balcony, launched into "Start Me Up". The group premiered "Oh No, Not You Again", a new song from their long-awaited studio album. The Fantastic Four ended their micro-concert in New York City with a Sax-less "Brown Sugar".

     Following the live performance, Michael Colh, the Stones tour promoter since 1989, appeared after the group's balcony exit. Colh outlined tour logistics, setlist expectations, ticket pricing, and made a quip regarding his mother's disapproval of rock'n roll. Brian Woods, an Ameriquest spokesman, made comments as the On Stage Tour Sponsor representative.

     Christened the "On Stage World Tour", the Stones will commence their 16th North American Tour in Boston, Massachusetts, on Sunday, August 21, 2005. "It's not just a concert, it's the Rolling Stones On Stage", makes the perfect tour catch-phrase.

     Finally, the Rolling Stones were introduced on stage for the Press Conference. The four musicians answered 15 questions from the assembled media present. Halfway through the proceedings, a female in the Media pool asked the inevitable 'Is this the Last Tour' question. Watts barked out an affirmative, "Yes!", which produced a round of laughter and applause.

     The Stones were caught off-guard by Charlie's quick response. Jagger added, "We don't plan that this is the last tour, and we certainly don't announce it". "We take each tour as it comes". After the entertaining Q&A session, the Rolling Stones posed together on stage for pictures before departing the stage.

     The 2005 On Stage Tour launch is scheduled to commence at Fenway Park in August. The Stones' North American leg will take the band to Moncton, NB, Hershey, PA, and Charlottesville, VA; cities where the Stones have never-before appeared live.

     The tour will begin on the East Coast running until December 2005, as the band takes a holiday break. North American dates will resume in January before ending in Puerto Rico in February 2005. Additional tour legs will include visits to South America, Japan, Israel, and possibly an appearance in China. A European Tour in Summer 2006 will round out their international itinerary.

     Located on the lefthand side of the area was a buffet tent erected to offer the V.I.P. and Media guests complimentary finger food and beverages. At the conclusion of the Press Conference, promotional On Stage Media Kits were distributed by publicist personnel.

     No word on a title or release date for the group's 22nd studio album. Cybertalk has leaked the Glimmer Twins have been producing this album outside of a normal recording studio in a digital environment. To date, no BBC performances or Anthology packaging has been announced for release either.

     Individually, the Stones have been active as solo artists, following the completion of the Licks World Tour. Jagger released the successful soundtrack Alfie. Watts released another live jazz album, Watts at Scott's. Wood has made multiple live stage appearances, including those with former bandmates from The Faces.

     The Licks World Tour ended in Hong Kong at the Tamar festival site on November 9, 2003. Over the course of several infrequent tours conducted from 1989 through 2003, the Rolling Stones have outdistanced every other rock band in history with their profitability earning potential.

     Once again, the band is rumored to be returning to Toronto to conduct their On Stage World Tour rehearsal sessions. The Rollin' Stones debuted as six members on stage in London at the Marquee Jazz Club on July 12, 1962. The vision of this R&B combo as a musical vehicle was formed by Brian Jones and Ian Stewart.

     The Stones' first concert in the United States was more than four decades ago. The Fab Five (Mick, Keith, Charlie, Bill Wyman - retired & Brian Jones - deceased) performed at the Swing Auditorium in San Bernadino, California, on June 5, 1964.

     The Stones' first vinyl single, Chuck Berry's "Come On", was issued in June 1963. Their first album, England's Newest Hitmakers - The Rolling Stones, was released in April 1964. Four New Licks featured four new studio tracks from 2002, and Live Licks was a live album released in 2004.

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Oh No, Not Them Again
The Rolling Stones are poised to launch their On Stage World Tour


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